Explore the advantages of having a Hands-Free Leash

If you have a dog who loves going on daily walks with you, then you are going to need a hands-free leash. Most of the time, you can’t go for a walk with your dog without being able to control him. He may start running behind cats, or just start running down the road, and that’s something you don’t want. That’s why people invented a leash. But, they didn’t stop there.
Black dog on a leash

Leashes proved to be very useful for a tremendously long period of time. They are still helpful, but now there’s something even more useful that you can use as a leash which is, you guessed it, hands-free leashes. Just like phone companies invented Hands-free so you can listen to your music on the bus, pet companies came up with Hands-free leashes.

But the question here is, what makes hands-free leashes so special? What advantages do these unique leashes offer? Some of them are obvious, but they are still important to mention. Read below to discover why you should buy hands-free leashes and where to buy them.

1. Obviously, they are Hands-Free


Well, this one it’s pretty self-explanatory. While you are going for a walk, you have the ability to hold a cup of coffee or maybe your dog’s water bottle in case he gets thirsty. Also, it’s way easier to answer or hold your phone when both hands are free to use.

2. Space for other dogs

Dogs running

If you have more than one dog, then having a hands-free leash is really helpful. You won’t have to control your doggies with both of your hands. In addition, you will be able to hold your coffee along the way. It’s a huge relief and it gives you more control over what both of your dogs do and where they go. Holding leashes for your dogs with both hands could make the dogs go in different directions which would be really difficult.

3. Great For Running

Dog running in snow

Young dogs tend to run. A lot. These dogs have so much energy and the only way to drain their energy is to run. So, why not run with them? But, it’s difficult going for a run with your dog if your hand is holding the leash. That’s where hands-free leashes come in. Tie your leash on your waist and start running. It’s healthy for both you and the dog, and of course is way more convenient.

4. Safer than a regular leash

Dog wrapped in blanket

You know what they say, “If your dog hasn’t got away at least once, then it’s not a dog”. Just kidding! Nobody says that, but it’s mostly true. As has been noted before, dogs have a lot of energy. Their favorite time is when they go outside for a walk or a run. However, they usually pull a lot harder than you think and the leash may slip through your hands and poof, the dog is already 50m away. This can’t happen with a hands-free leash tied on your waist. Unless of course you have a beast-dog. 🙂 In that case, you ought to put the coffee down and use both your waist and hands.

5. Cleaner than a regular leash


Sometimes, you may want to rest your hands a little and leave the leash on the floor or maybe the leash slipped right through your hands. That leash now has picked up any dirt there was on the road and if you are really lucky, your dog might poop on the leash, making it impossible to grab it again. However, a hands-free leash never touches the ground. So, no problems like that. You have your mind in peace and your hands clean.

What to do next


We’ve seen what a hands-free leash can do for you. It is unbelievably useful for every dog owner. But, where can you find such leashes? Well, you can find it pretty much anywhere you want, online you can find Hands-free leashes that are durable and help your dog move with ease.

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