Delightful Way to Practice Your Painting

Paint by Numbers is a classic way to introduce yourself (or others) to painting. If you’ve been wanting to learn the art of painting, then this is your way to go. In this article, we will discuss why Paint by Numbers is an ideal learning tool for painting, as well as offer tips to improve your painting skills.

People who haven’t tried Paint by Numbers underestimate how helpful this kit could be to those who want to begin their artistic journey in painting. For beginners, learning to paint realistically is an overwhelming task due to self-doubt and low self-esteem. All this can be improved with Paint by Numbers. 

Learning how to paint is never easy, you need to learn art theories especially color theory, you need to practice your brushwork and strokes, blending, replicating values and so forth. Paint by Numbers is a good learning tool to learn the fundamentals of painting because it is methodical in nature. Because of its simple instruction, you get to focus more on learning how colors play with one another, how to properly hold your paintbrush, how the pigments blend and other concepts in art.

Why Painting by Numbers is an Ideal Way to Learn and Start Painting:

  1. Each kit comes with complete basic materials

    Another hard thing about painting for beginners is that you have to buy different painting tools: you have to select from tons of brushes, painting medium, tones of colors, and so much more. With Paint by Numbers, you need not worry about those because you got everything you need to start:
    – A set of 24-color acrylic paint pots
    – A pre-contoured canvas marked with numbers
    – A set of three basic brushes (1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large)

    A complete set from Best Paint by Numbers

  2. Ready to use acrylic paints and canvas

    Another tricky part in painting is paint mixing and applying gesso (primer) to the canvas. You can finally skip this process in the beginning because our kits are good to go– no pre-mixing and primer needed! All you need to do is paint.
    Paintbrush in some paint

  3. Learn Realism (and other art movements) the easy way

    Because of our wide selection of designs, you can finally learn how to paint different art movements– Abstract, Realism, Pop Art and any more. What’s great about Paint by Numbers is that it gives you the chance to try something different each time you decide to buy a new kit after you finish your old one. In addition, it also helps you find your own style in painting and art in general.
    A man focused on this art

  4. Color Theory

    Color theory is considered to be the most important aspect of painting as it deals with the relationship between colors and how we perceive them. The strategy of Paint by Numbers is that it coordinates colors and numbers together in order for you to understand the technical concept of colors– visualizing, identifying and replicating values.
    A paintbrush used to paint the color wheel

Tips to Improve your Painting Skills

Other than using Paint by Numbers as a guide and learning tool, you can also improve your painting skills by practicing without a guide. That way, you can be more confident with your skills, as well as improve your artistic skill level. 

  1. Practice your brushwork by stroking and swirling patterns

    It doesn’t have to be grand, the main goal here is mastering your brushes by learning to have a controlled steady hand.

  2. Adopt the Paint by Numbers technique 

    This will teach you color theory and blending in order for your painting to look more realistic. When painting a subject, use numbers in order to identify the color tone. For example, you use “1” as the darkest tone, “2” as the second darkest tone, and so forth.

  3. Do not be afraid to imitate

    Artists learn and get inspired from other artists. The term “imitating” doesn’t necessarily mean stealing, it’s more of borrowing in order for you to discover more. So many talented painters from the past weren’t afraid to imitate. Spanish Painter Pablo Picasso once said, “good artists copy, great artists steal.” He basically meant that a great artist is not afraid to channel inspiration from multiple sources in order for them to learn and improve their own art.

  4. Do not be afraid to explore art styles outside your “taste”

    Once you’ve finally found your own artistic style, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t remain open to different styles and ideas. Creating art outside your taste gives you the opportunity to learn new ideas, concepts and techniques.

  5. Just keep on practicing

    Be determined and don’t lose hope. Never be afraid to make mistakes since they can also help you learn better. Not all artists are born great and artistic, some earned it by practicing and patience. For example, well beloved painter Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t totally a great artist during his early years as a painter. Moreover, people didn’t like his works, yet he was determined to improve. He kept on practicing and experimenting on his art until he eventually became good and now, he’s considered to be one of the greatest painters in history. That’s what you should do, too! 

Key Insights

Now that you’ve learnt the artistic benefits of Paint by Numbers, as well as tips on how to improve your painting skills, you should grab your own Paint by Numbers kit today and start your painting journey. If you wanna learn more about this amazing painting kit, simply click here. 


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