About Us

Hi, we are Mogifoo, a team that works as fulltime blogger, pet lovers & traveler.

We hope that you enjoy our posts and you can find something helpful inbetween.

Meet three pet lovers and bloggers who travel the world and work as part-time bloggers.

We met in a Facebook group for pet bloggers one day, and things just took off from there. We decided to start our own blog for all pet owners to share our experiences with other pet owners.

Throughout our journey, we were able to learn a lot about dog psychology and behavior while also testing out a variety of cool dog gadgets and accessories. We felt over time that we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just one topic because we are so much more than that.

That’s when we decided to start blogging about art, specifically acrylic paints and paint by numbers paintings. The main thing is that we can turn off the head and paint something on canvas. So there will be a lot to come 🙂


Last but not least…

Who knows what other fields we’ll dive into next?

Interested in working with us? Feel free to send me a message for more info!